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Authors Shopify Buildout Accelerator Program

Typical Setup Time: This will obviously vary person by person. But the typical response to how long it takes to setup your store is typically 4-10 days.
This is from having no experience with BookFunnel and Shopify and essentially just following the course step by step.
Please watch the video before joining so you can see exactly what is inside before jumping in.

Renee Rose

USA Today Best Selling Author

"Cameron is a whiz! He's taken my direct sales from $1,000 in a month to $1,000 a day and I expect to keep on scaling. It's great to have the weekly one-on-one time to make sure I'm on track and make tweaks. I'm so grateful for the help and support!"


Kelsie Stelting

Best Selling Author

"I was so nervous to pull one of my best performing series out of KU and try my hand at direct sales because my family and my team count on me to perform. But I knew my books deserved to be seen and weren’t reaching their potential.

Cameron has helped me grow my store from the very beginning stages to something that matches what I have always dreamed of for my books. I now have ownership over my readers data, an ability to influence all aspects of the reader journey, and same-day access to my earnings.

Having him as a guide has helped make the process of changing my business model more streamlined and manageable. Instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, I now have a step by step path to make sure my business is heading in the right direction and a process to course correct if we get off the right path. Instead of holding tight every day to see if a retailer will respond to my books I can focus on how each customer responds to my messaging and my story. I’m so thankful to have Cameron in my corner and highly recommend him."


Missy Walker

Best Selling Author

"Crossing paths with Cameron was a game-changer for my writing career, no question about it.

Thanks to Cameron's expertise—and a whole lot of elbow grease on my part—my income is at an all-time high.

Every week, Cameron and I sit down to review my Facebook ad performance. Based on what we find, we either scale up, make adjustments, or brainstorm new variations. This consistent check-in process has been invaluable in fine-tuning my strategy.

To be honest, if the opportunity comes your way, don't hesitate—Cameron's course is something I wholeheartedly endorse. It's been a total eye-opener for me."


Kimberly Loth

Best Selling Author

"Six months ago, my business was dying. I was deep in the trenches with kindle unlimited and after a very successful six years, I couldn’t make it work anymore. Nothing I did worked. After a very tearful lunch with a friend of mine, she introduced me to Cameron. I went all in.

I pulled my books from KU, started a Shopify store and did everything he told me to. Within a week I was more profitable that I had been in months. Now my business is in full growth mode. Cameron has helped me quadruple my profits and every month we’re increasing. I could never have done this without him. Cameron is a genius! From the first phone call with him, I knew he’d be able to help me.

My business has grown by leaps and bounds since I started working with him six months ago and I feel like the sky’s the limit. In the six months since I started working with Cameron he’s taken my dying business and not only made it profitable but put me back into growth mode.

He’s helped me rejuvenate book series that were falling off and even took a series that hadn’t ever done well and made it profitable. My income has quadrupled since we started working together and I know that’s only going to increase. Thank you Cameron for everything."


Kelsie Rae

Best Selling Author

"Cameron is amazing to work with! His patience and enthusiasm for my success is so refreshing.

He's very easy to reach, and is excellent at listening, walking me through what needs to be done, and answering any question I throw his way. I highly recommend working with Cameron to anyone who's interested in direct sales and Facebook ads."

Olivia Fox

USA Today Best Selling Author

"I've always been a dedicated investor in my indie author business, but Cameron's Author's Direct Sales course and his consulting services have proven to be the ultimate game-changer. Despite having invested in two additional courses from the most well known direct sales instructors, Cameron is the sole voice that has made my long-standing income goals of six-seven figures per year finally feel within reach.

Within 45 days of working with him on my Shopify store, I surpassed all my previous monthly income stats. What's even more remarkable is that this achievement occurred during a challenging time when I was focused full time on caring for a sick family member, leaving me very little time to spend on marketing, let alone publishing. All of these sales were from backlist books. The best thing about running ads to my store is that I have control over my customer's data, and I'm paying to find buyers, not freebie seekers.

Cameron's unwavering patience, expert insights, and responsive guidance have been an invaluable lifeline. I had my Shopify store for 10 months before meeting him, but it was his expertise that made the difference, allowing me to achieve unprecedented sales that I didn't see.

His impact is an investment that speaks for itself, one I'll confidently pursue into the future. And, as predicted, my Amazon sales also increased six fold with no other advertising than that to my store."


Joe Giorello

Author of the bestselling Great Battles for Boys series.

"What makes this program so special?

Cameron walks you through every step of the direct-sales journey, from starting your Shopify store to optimizing ads.

This is a comprehensive program designed specifically for authors. I highly recommend it!"

What Authors Are Saying About The Program:

It's so easy to follow!

Vi Carter

Loving the step-by-step nature of it! Very clear and easy to follow.

Rebecca Rode

Creating the template! And the easy step by step process. I wish this was out two weeks prior to me starting the setup blindly.

Theresa Paolo

I like that the videos are detailed BUT short. This makes it so easy to follow along.

Melanie Parkinson

The step by step instruction is very helpful!

Rebecca Hefner

How easy it has been to follow along. I feel as though you're holding my hand through it all. Great job!

Jennifer Snyder

I love that everything is broken down in small steps and that the videos are short. There are so many little details I would have looked over if I had done this on my own.

Lauren Luwoye

Watching my shopify build happen module by module

Karice Bolton

I love how actionable it is - just purchased it yesterday and I've already got a store set up with all of my novels in it.

KC Ciftci

It's weird - but I love when you say "this is where you pause and do this thing" - thank you for that.

Sally Treanor

Watching the tasks being done while it's being taught, and then repeated so I can catch more the second time through

Grace Greene

Love the step by step instructions. It's saving me so much time!

Carina Taylor

Learning so much more about Shopify than I'd ever imagined after using it for over 3 years.

Annette Shaw

I like the step by step aspect. It makes it easy to follow, especially as there is so much and it's kind of overwhelming. Having the step by step to follow REALLY helps!

Rebecca Senese

Being to follow you through the steps in these videos has been so helpful

Lisa Carlisle

The step by step tutorial has made everything feel very simple and actionable.

Christie Kraft

The easy to follow step-by-step instructions. I never would have been able to figure out all of these steps on my own without taking hours to read tutorials and help pages.

Krista Noorman

Setting up the default template where I add in the tropes and the first chapter. I thought that was a genius idea!

Cindy Ray Hale

The Bookfunnel / Shopify setup was easier than I thought it would be. Thanks!

Lisa Carlisle

It's so easy to follow when I normally get super lost and give up. It's perfect. Thank you!

Dionne Lister

Learning how to add the cute stuff to the book pages, like tropes and the collapsible synopsis.

Molly Phipps

The step by step instructions that make it easy enough to follow along. The templates make it really nice because I have 50 books I'll have to put in !

Jaclyn Weist

I really like how it takes me step by step and takes all the guess work out of setting up my shopify store. I also love that it's catered specifically to authors.

Judy Corry

It has been very helpful. I was trying to do it on my own and NEVER would have been able to do it.

Jessica White

The step-by-step walkthrough with visuals is a godsend. Plus the fact that you have this check-in is AMAZING.

Tamsin Ley

The walk through with the product pages was super helpful.

Cadence Keys

Getting direct information in how to set up the product pages

Chelle Bliss

The way it walks you through everything step-by-step and explains why to do it that way vs another way.

Lindzee Armstrong

The step by step instructions to create a store readers respond to.

Kristen Strassel

Being told what options to choose to begin with. (I can change them later of course)

Heather Boyd

All of it. I love the step by step!

Hope Ford

Getting everything set up in order.

Porsche Moore

How you walk us through it step by step so there's no room for mistakes.

Michelle MacQueen

The step by step process has been great and easy to follow! Thank you!

Liwen Ho

Working out how you did those icon with text things!

Demelza Carlton

The step by step process.

Mindy Stunk

Setting up products using customization

Leah Taylor

How efficiently you deliver the information.

Mira Sperl

Learning how to customize product pages

Kay Moody

How to update the product pages


Very detailed.

Ellie Rhodes

Watching step-by-step is very helpful!

Jane Hinchey

How well detailed it is.

Juliana Haygert

Step by step seems simple and easy to follow

Amey Zeigler

Your calm demeanor and how logical and thourough the course is.


Simple steps and visual instruction.

Amber Cromar


Khardine Gray

Step hy step with demo so I can see exactly what to do

Elisabeth Catmull

All of it ... I'm learning new stuff!

Ishi Bansal

Step by step instructions

Sarwah Creed

Customising the templates

Bronwen Whitley

The level of detail!

Anya Mora

The step-by-step guide has been a lifesaver.

Heather Justesen

Following Cameron step by step was easy


Step by step videos

Jenny Madore

Pretty easy to follow

Mandi Blake

Learning how to navigate Shopify

Tamara Gill

The walk through of the steps.

Katy Roulo

I LOVE that it's so step by step, you don't skip or hurry over anything

Crystal Johnston

Seeing my store front actually looking like a store front.

Cheryl Churton

Very informative.

John Mulhall

How my questions are answered almost immediately as I watch!

Brittney Mulliner

How each step is clearly outlined. It's so helpful! Loving it!

Ellie Hall

The simplicity and calmness

Sarah Makin

The walk through!

Jessica Wayne

Setting up the template, so you don't have to manually enter everything for each item.

P. Jameson

That you go step by step. Super easy to follow.


Everything. I love the step by step instructions.

Valerie Twombly

Short, clear, concise, easy-to-follow videos.

Day Leclaire

I like how Cameron goes through each step.

Donna Weaver

Straightforward explainations!

Carina Alyce

The beginning was very easy to follow.

Brenda Rothert

Learning Shopify

Zuleika Arkadie